I was nearly knocking on heaven's door. Gym heart attack Dad thanks Star Award winner Chloe Ward.

Trainee Nurse Associate Chloe Ward saved a life and scooped a Star Award..... and  today via CHFT Weekly a massive thankyou from the Dad she brought back from the brink.

Rob Bhattacharya, pictured insert, from Halifax, now on the road to recovery,  spoke about the day he nearly died and how he owes his life to Chloe  and others in the gym.

He recognises he is lucky to be alive ... on two accounts.

First the gym had a defibrillator and  second Chloe knew how to do CPR and how to use it from her nurse associate training.  

The 49-year-old Halifax man said he remembers nothing after feeling faint and waking up in an ambulance. But he recognises that what happened in those “missing few minutes” saved his life.

After he collapsed on the treadmill Chloe (and Rob understand that Natalie, a midwife and gym instructors Sam and Paul)  rallied round him until the paramedics arrived. 

He said: “ I am so grateful that they were there. I have been to the gym and had an emotional reunion with Paul and Sam and now I want to add my thanks to Chloe, Natalie and everyone else who helped me on that day. I’m 49 and I was nearly knocking on heaven’s door. If it hadn’t been for Chloe and Natalie and her NHS training and everyone else and the defibrillator I wouldn’t be here. My thanks also goes out to the nameless paramedics with the unknown faces and all hospital staff who save lives routinely without seeking commendation.”

“I asked the ambulance to take me home as I didn’t realise it was serious and didn’t want any faff.”

Tests at CRH showed he’d had coronary artery constriction and he had stents and a defibrillator implanted and is now on a coronary rehab programme and is determined to get back the gym.

Robin,  previously fit and a self-confessed gym-aholic, who has a teenage daughter, said he hoped his story supported campaign for defib machines in public places and for CPR training amongst the public.

He adds: “ I nearly went to a gym which didn’t have a machine, but I changed my mind and everything conspired in my favour. "

He hopes to meet up with Chloe and Natalie in May during an outpatient appointment at CRH.

He adds, with a laugh: “ My brain wasn’t affected by what happened and I was unconscious so that is great… I just wish it could have been improved.”


Our CEO Owen Williams surprised her on the Surgical Assessment Unit at HRI and presented Chloe with our new-look certificate with extra glam-factor.

When Chloe's story first appeared in CHFT Weekly,  Clare Vickers our Arrhythmia and Complex Cardiac Device Clinical Nurse Specialist (Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy, Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators) was so impressed she got in touch and offered Chloe a "go-see" opportunity.

Chloe wanted to thank her mum Michelle Ward and Jacqueline Ellis for nominating her and the Communications Team for organising the Star Award. She also said how excited she is for her "go-see" opportunity with Clare. 

Clare, said: " After reading in CHFT Weekly about Chloe, I have invited her to spend some time observing different roles within cardiology.

"I believe she is coming in on her annual leave, she will be spending time in the device implant lab observing complex cardiac devices implants, plus attending the Rapid Access Arrhythmia clinic."