Clinical review meetings supporting better care for cardiac patients

In the first of our series of Community News stories, this week we’re looking at how our Cardiac Rehabilitation Team at Calderdale are building relationships with Locala in order to truly put their patients first.

The first monthly clinical review meeting was held last week with the team, Cardiologist Colin Welsh and Huddersfield Locala.

The aim is to bring partners together involved in delivering patient care, where they discuss our cardiac patients and to get the right care at the right time. 

The team see all our Huddersfield residents who are inpatients at CRH referring them on to Locala’s own Cardiac Rehabilitation Team in Huddersfield.

The aim of the meetings is to maintain high standards and build on working relationships within a multi-disciplinary team putting our patients first.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Sister, Clair Jones, said “The meetings are a great way to share knowledge as well as learn from each other. But one of the most important things is to have expert advice from our cardiologist Colin Welsh at each meeting.

“The first meeting went well, and it was also a great opportunity to reflect on our own services and learn from each other.

“For me it really opened my eyes what a great service we provide in Calderdale for our cardiac patients.”

The team pictured left to right are: 

Moira Alderson Specialist Nurse/ Sister, Caroline Lane  Matron Community Nursing, Clair Jones Cardiac Rehabilitation Team Leader Specialist Nurse/Sister, Lisa Cooper Occupational Therapist, Shirley Admin, Sara Mengen Fitness Instructor and Kath Fairhurst Specialist Nurse/Sister