Dan, Dan the medical devices man!

The Day Surgery unit at HRI have leapt straight to green for medical devices training compliance, thanks to their fab Assistant Theatre Practioner Daniel Haigh.

Clinical Operations Manager Vicky Smith said “Most areas have qualified staff managing their medical device training, but what can take me two hours, Dan can achieve in 10 minutes!

Vicky added “Dan expressed an interest in becoming a train-the-trainer on the department, and since he got involved around three months ago the department hasn’t looked back.

“I didn’t see why he couldn’t take the lead, and he’s done that, and more in my eyes.

“He has just taken control of our team’s medical device training – really bringing it back to basics. Everything the team need to know, including information about each medical device , their own compliance, and a booking sheet for training, is displayed on a team board, so it’s all close to hand.

“He has taken the whole task on himself, and there is now a real spirit of friendly competitiveness in the department, rather than it being an onerous task. The team here all appreciate the training is there to keep them and our patients safe.

There is also a dedicated train-the-trainer team on the department for all devices, where previously they had relied on external reps, which often proved challenging.