Making sure your disability status is correct in ESR

As well as completing e-learning, viewing your payslips and other information in ESR, you can also record your disability status.  We’re asking all CHFT colleagues to take the opportunity to review and update their information during February.

Executive Director of Workforce and Organisational Development, Suzanne Dunkley said: “I’m really proud to say here at CHFT we’re fully inclusive, offering support for as many groups as possible. Having a bigger picture of where colleagues have protected characteristics means we’re in a stronger position to make working at CHFT better for them”.

The Trust will also be taking part in the national Workforce Disability Equality Standards (WDES) submission.  Whilst we are doing this to meet our statutory obligations, it also provides us with valuable information to support positive change for colleagues and ultimately a more inclusive environment for disabled people working in the NHS.

User guides on how to update your details are available on the intranet (see Workforce & OD/Worfkforce Business Intelligence/Employee Self Service). Or see the attachments. There are two sets of guidelines - one helps you do it for the very first time. The other helps you update an existing status.

Please update your disability information by the end of February 2019, even iif this has changed during your time at the TRust, and while in your ESR record take the time to check and update your other personal details.

For any colleagues with no disability status recorded on 1 March 2019 it will be assumed your status is ‘No Disability’ and your record will be updated centrally.

If you have any questions or require any further support please contact Workforce Business Intelligence Team on 01484 35 5448/5811 or via email at Additionally a Workforce BI colleague will be available to provide support during the IM&T open learning drop-in sessions which run on Wednesdays between 9am-4pm in the IT Training Rooms at HRI.