Treadmill trauma. My daughter the lifesaver.

Chloe left and Michelle

Trainee Associate Nurse Chloe Ward has hailed all her training at HRI after she helped revive a man who had collapsed at her gym.

He was running on the treadmill at Pure Gym, Halifax, and banged his head in the fall which left him with no pulse and unresponsive.

Chloe, daughter of Michelle Ward our Senior Training Officer,  joined a group who ran to his assistance and, based on her HRI training, instructed them to get him off the treadmill and flat on the floor so CPR could commence.

She started chest compressions at the same time as she was keeping the person on the phone updated so the ambulance controller knew it was an emergency.  Chloe then started mouth-to-mouth when someone took over CPR. A lady appeared with a defibrillator and she applied the pads and the automatic device said shock was advised.  She advised everyone to stand back and initiated the shock.

Two of them continued the CPR and mouth-to-mouth and paramedics arrived.  Chloe continued while the paramedics were setting up and assessing the situation.  At this point the man suddenly coughed and was now responding and was alive.  He was not fully alert but was breathing and had a pulse.

The paramedics told the man: "These girls have saved your life."

Chloe started out in the trust as a clinical Apprentice on Ward 10 - 18 months ago, and on completion of her apprenticeship is now undertaking the Trainee Associate Nurse Apprenticeship on ward 10.  Chloe said how she was nervous but all her training came into play and adrenaline just took over and dealt with the situation.

Chloe's Mum, Michelle, contacted Comms in secret due to her pride in her daughter's action.

She said: " Even though she is my daughter, it is great to see an apprentice come with no experience or knowledge and now be a valued member of the team on SAU and be able to save a man’s life like this."

At present Chloe is unaware of the outcome.

Humble Chloe stressed she was one of the team trying to help. She said: "In the moment you concentrate on working as a team to save his life. It's not till afterwards do you think about his family and friends and how much your actions really meant".