"They never let me down" Kim and Laura's top flu jab campaign and the return of the prize draw for a day off.

Sisters and flu immunisers Kim Train and Laura Hutchinson from HRI Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) have vaccinated almost all their colleagues against 'flu.. and are setting the bar high.

The dedicated duo have now vaccinated 36 out of 39 of their colleagues  - which works out at 92%.

Trustwide,  75% of frontline colleagues have been vaccinated and we are hoping to push this even closer to the  national standard of  100% of front-line clinical staff by the end of February - the end of this year's campaign.

Matron Karen Melling, told CHFT Weekly: "Kim and Laura are completely proactive in making sure their colleagues are offered the vaccination, engaging with everyone they come into contact with. Whatever I ask of them they never let me down. They never under-estimate the importance of the vaccination."

Kim* told us that she and Laura "ask anyone who comes onto the ward if they've had it yet". As well as colleagues on SAU, they've vaccinated doctors, porters and housekeepers and covered nights and Kim has also come in on her day off to vaccinate.

Win an extra days leave - just for having your vaccination (here or elsewhere) - national 'flu campaign runs to the end of February

It's back! Our prize draw will take place each Wednesday through to 27th February. To be eligible you need to have had your vaccination this year, or told us if you've had it elsewhere (like your own GP).

If you still need your vaccination please call Occupational Health on CRH ext 2039.

* FYI the syringes used in the photo aren't flu syringes and were for photographic effect only!