You make my day 10,000 times better. Riley's telly tribute to nurse Lola

Last Friday our care for a little Riley Merrill made the teatime telly headlines.

ITV Calendar kept his heart-warming story for their final slot before the weekend, after previewing it in advance many times.

The item featured the lovely relationship between our nurse Lola Duncan and Riley's family during his many visits for care with us.

Asked how much  better Lola made his hospital treatment on a scale of 1-10 the youngster from Mixenden said "10,000 times better".

Watch his fab clip here.

Lola is on a mission via social media to help the youngster achieve his dreams. It started with an upgraded seat to a Jess Glynne concert, a Facetime chat with his idol and now, it seems, the sky's the limit.

Lola, a paediatric nurse has worked at CHFT since 2000.  She started as a nurse cadet, qualifying in 2005. Lola said: "The whole of the team will go above and beyond to make sure our patients' stays or visits are as smooth as possible.

"It can be such a daunting thing for a child coming into hospital, but I've spent such a lot of time with Riley, and I have to say I have a real soft spot for him. He's definitely my buddy!"

Lots of lovely comments were shared on social media about Riley and Lola, see below: 

Sharon Flesher‏
Lola cared for my little girl in 2017 she is a fantastic nurse along with many of the others in her team.

Em Peel-Rice
What an amazing job, nurses already do amazing jobs but this is going the extra mile xx well done Lola xx

Sarah Dale
Well done Lola - you helped look after my little boy during his short stay earlier this year and you were amazing! Riley will now have two idols xx

Samantha Jane 
From one nurse to another you have certainly gone that extra mile and it’s stories like this that make me proud to be a nurse 

Katie Hudd Uni 
Well done Lola, one of the best nurses at Calderdale 

James Crawshaw
Oh my God, just watched the little mans story on calander ,what a fantastic thing to have done for him ,you are such a beautiful woman who deserves every praise going ,and thanks to Jesse Glynne for her part in a brave little mans happiness 

Richard Sears
I have just seen this on ITV Calendar and if brought a tear to my eye. What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do. The world needs more people like you.

Sandra Graham
Just seen your story on tv. Well done lass your fantastic, and what you did made me cry. Bless ya. We certainly have fantastic people working in our hospitals. We need more folks like you. 

Karen Melling 
I don't care whatever else happens for Christmas this has absolutely made it for me! So thrilled just look at his little face full of joy!!

Dawn Hughes 
Well done Lola, you’re an angel in disguise, making a little ones dream come true. Xx