Ditching divisional barriers - working together gets HRI acute floor in record time

From an idea on a paper plan back in October... HRI's Acute Floor became a reality in December.

The speed and success of the project has been hailed as a potential future model for working together at CHFT. It has meant our traditional divisional barriers have come down and, with those gone, we have created the floor in record time. 

Colleagues in Medicine and Surgery have come together like never before to create the floor on wards 8 and 9 and it is already enhancing patient care and assisting with the winter flow issues.

It is a replication of the Acute Floor at CRH which has just celebrated its first birthday.  The unit is renowned for its high morale and low levels of sickness and vacancies it is such a popular place to work.

At HRI it is a linear ward as opposed to an L-shaped set-up, and staff have adapted to the new environment well. Patients are admitted to it via ED or directly from GPs and they are quickly clinically assessed to decide the next place treatment.

It has been such a success, there are plans for a possible joint ambulatory unit for Surgical and Medical patients- something which would once be unthinkable due to the strict inter-divisional barriers.

General Manager Gemma Berriman, Surgical Consultant Arin Saha, Matron Karen Melling and CHS's Jammal Mohammed have all been instrumental in the Acute Floor achievement.

General Manager for Surgery Jason Bushby, : "What has been achieved here is tremendous. To turn it from an idea to reality - involving so many colleagues from all areas in such a short time - is a real success and something everyone should be really proud of."

And Karen wanted to thank her team in the Surgical Assessment Unit (see below) as they moved to lower ground to accommodate the move in quick time. Their 'new home' has been redecorated so it's as bright and airy as possible.