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Issue 205 | 17th January 2019

They're "wonderful, loving individuals" Star Award to team who showed such compassion.

It's not just the best care our patients receive which counts - it sometimes means looking after their family's needs as well, and this is where ED at HRI came into their own.  They went above and beyond for a young boy thought to be aged about 4 to 6, whose father was admitted unwell and had no nearby family or indeed, anyone else to look after him. 
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You make my day 10,000 times better. Riley's telly tribute to nurse Lola

Last Friday our care for a little Riley Merrill made the teatime telly headlines.  ITV Calendar kept his heart-warming story for their final slot before the weekend, after previewing it in advance many times.  The item featured the lovely relationship between our nurse Lola Duncan and Riley's family during his many visits for care with us. 
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Why Sue's Special.. .. and an Unsung Hero finalist.

Sue Laycock and Helen Barker are under orders to "dress to impress" at the upcoming Unsung Hero Awards in Manchester on March 1.  Sue is through to the finals after Helen, our Chief Operating Officer, nominated her  friend and PA and she beat off the competition to become one of three finalists in the Admin and Clerical Category. 
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Ditching divisional barriers - working together gets HRI acute floor in record time

From an idea on a paper plan back in October... HRI's Acute Floor became a reality in December.  The speed and success of the project has been hailed as a potential future model for working together at CHFT. It has meant our traditional divisional barriers have come down and, with those gone, we have created the floor in record time. 
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"They never let me down" Kim and Laura's top flu jab campaign and the return of the prize draw for a day off.

Sisters and peer immunisers Kim Train and Laura Hutchinson from HRI Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU) have vaccinated almost all their staff against 'flu. A cracking 75% of frontline colleagues have been vaccinated. The question is: How close can we get to the national standard of vaccinating 100% of front-line clinical staff?  read more

MAU at CRH! CHFT movie stars.

   A few weeks ago colleagues on MAU were filmed representing our Trust in a short video promoting Calderdale Cares.  It tells the story of how - from different backgrounds - we all come together to provide care in the area - each with our own expertise.  read more

In memory of Mo.

Members of different departments joined together with his family to remember with affection Mo Amin.  read more

New course for midwives starts today at HRI

   Our Trust is at the forefront of training midwives to care for mums-to-be who suddenly become very unwell during their labour and birth.  We are one of the first Trusts in the region to introduce a course ensuring women and families who choose to have their baby at CHFT receive the best possible care available.  read more

Family man, a very fast downhill skier and humanitarian. Meet CHS's Robert Ross.

Robert Ross has joined our wholly-owned subsidiary Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions Ltd as its Chief Medical Engineer. Find out more about him here in our latest Hello My Name Is...  Hello my name is…  Robert Ross.  read more

Policies and work information

Reminder: Schwartz Rounds start next week.

We're holding our very first Schwartz* Rounds at CHFT next Thursday 24th January. It's a structured forum where colleagues from any role across our Trust can come together to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in healthcare.  read more

Bite-sized Learning - has your patient's cannula been removed?

Following an issue where a patient had gone home with their cannula in situ, the Radiology team have slightly amended their pathway. This means everyone, including the patient, is aware of what will happen as part of having their CT scan.  read more

CHFT Events

News from the latest LGBTQ+ forum.. pub next time?

Report From Sal Uka.  "Our latest LGBTQ+ forum saw updates, discussions, and a visit from the Royal College of Nursing and an agreement to press forward for CHFT to be Stonewall accredited.  read more

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