Don's the Star on top of CHFT tree this week.

Our Waste and Sustainability Manager Don Mackenzie could barely  "container-ed" his excitement when up popped Helen Barker with the latest Star Award.

He wouldn't have wanted to "skip" it but he took the opportunity to thank everyone for helping him steer us through the recent waste disposal challenges which affected 15 Trusts across Yorks and Humber.

Don, said humbly: " It wasn't all my efforts.  Everyone stepped up and did what they could within what they were able to do."

He thanked all the ward staff, Andrew Donegan, porters and ISS colleagues who all worked together to get us through.

Chief Operating Officer, Helen Barker, said: " They all did but you brought it all together for this Trust, Don"

CHS Managing Director, Lesley Hill nominated him, saying...."Without his hard work and diligence during recent times we could be in a very different place. Whilst waste management is in the background of what we do, it has to be managed in a safe and structured way. Don has worked very long hours, seven days a week, doing a lot of hard work, to keep us safe!

"He has been organised, diligent, committed  and at the centre  of organising and delivering all of the contingency arrangements for waste management  during this time." 

She also hailed his efforts liaising with the NHSI Regional Office and National Team on a daily basis to make sure we get the services we need

He has also organised all the additional storage, bags, bins, etc., which were needed and trained everyone in the new arrangements

Don, aka known as "Dump It" for his commitment to us being clutter-free around our sites  is passionate about recycling and reusing and has led many campaigns across the Trust helping us save money. On energy bills with the introduction of the Switch-off Squad who toured our sites advising staff where switches could be turned off to save money.

He said his butcher once came into A&E with his little boy and saw "Don" on a screensaver and now calls him Dump It!