Party time as the Acute Floor at CRH hits its first birthday.

There was plenty of schloer-ping as Ward 2ABCD at Calderdale Royal Hospital have celebrated their one year anniversary of becoming an acute floor.

The merging of the former Acute Medical Unit and Short Stay ward has proven to be a huge success in terms of patient experience, patient flow and staff relations.

The Nursing and Medical staff celebrated with cakes and an awards ceremony as a thank-you for everyones hard work. The  comedy awards went to: 

  • Dr Scriven - most TV appearances award
  • Dr Ahmed - best newcomer
  • Dr Hardy - Best dressed Consultant
  • Dr Crossland - Star Baker
  • Dr Karadi - Consultant determined to have the most discharges
  • Dr Hashimi - Party Animal
  • Sister Bryson - the sister who's embraced change
  • Compassionate Nurse - Gill Kearsley and Teresa Walsh
  • Comapssionate HCA - Louise Scott

The acute floor at CRH started out as pilot and was such a success one opened at HRI this week.

Senior Sister Lynsey Marsden, said the 80 nursing staff and six consultants gelled really well. She said: "We are very lucky. We have a great team which works well together. In terms of morale no-one has left for five months on here and in January we will have no vacancies. that's how good it is.!

She said the benefits of the floor had huge benefits for patients including continuity of care from the same consultants and nursing teams and  not having to be moved from bed to bed during their stay in hospital. 

Staff enjoyed some Shloer drinks and a fab buffet and welcomed Asif Ameen to the party.

Lynsey added: " We have made a real success of it and the continuity of care for our patients is such a benefit."