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Issue 200a: Celebrating Success 2018: The Results edition | 6th December 2018

Going the extra marathon... and the scrambled eggs are on me! Celebrating Success 2018.

Around 200 colleagues attended our awards night at Huddersfield Town Hall where everyone was declared a winner.  CEO Owen Williams said it wasn't a case of Going the Extra Mile but going the extra marathon.  It was Owen's 7th event which he said, gave him a great feeling of pride. 
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Rising Superstar: Melissa Prior-Ong

Dr Alex Hashimi came along to support Melissa in the judging in place of her nominator, Victoria Rafferty, who was unable to attend.  He said: “Melissa stands out in so many different ways.   She was immediately thrust onto the MAU frontline, which has extremely ill people, and she took to the clinician role way beyond her years. 
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Support Service Superstar: Kevin Pollard

Kevin’s job isn’t different every day – it’s different every hour!  And he should know as he’s been at our Trust for more than 45 years. At judging he brought with him eight different uniforms to demonstrate all the different roles he masters.  Catering, portering, car parking to name just three roles for the Trust’s “Superman”. 
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Clinical Service Superstar: Renee Comerford

   Being a “highly enthusiastic leader” and completely committed were the qualities which gained Renee Comerford the top award in this category.  As head of the Frailty Team, the service has gone from strength-to-strength, and with the introduction of KPIs and a frailty dashboard we are already seeing the benefits this has for patients. 
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Four Pillars: Rapid Access Team

Three into one is working well for our cardiology patients – and won the Rapid Access Team a Four Pillars Award.  The team has redrawn the pathway to reduce the time to diagnosis for our patients and also improved clinical outcomes.  read more

Four Pillars: Apprentice Team

Our 83 new apprentice starters are bringing enthusiasm and dedication to our clinical areas and are the reason their pioneering organising team scooped a Four Pillars award.  The apprentice team has totally revamped the way we hire and train our apprentices, achieving a fab result in this “must do” area of care.  read more

Four Pillars: Thrombolysis "Door to Needle" time

Halving the “door to needle” time in providing a vital life-saving anti-clotting injection, scooped our Thrombolysis Team a Four Pillars award.  It means we are now so good we are the second-best in the region for this area of care – after Leeds.  They did it through close working with our paramedics, and stroke teams as well as radiology.  read more

Four Pillars: Integrated Sexual Health Team

Getting to vulnerable and hard-to-reach groups is what makes our ISHS team special.  Their stand-out work was with sex workers in Calderdale creating a one-stop shop for their needs.  As there is no designated red light area in Calderdale sex workers often work in isolation and do not readily engage with health or support agencies.  read more

Digital Innovation: Yorkshire Fertility and The Health Informatics Service (THIS)

Yorkshire Fertility (YF) and their partners have made it much easier for their patients to access YF’s brilliant services.  Now, with patients from right across West Yorkshire, they have introduced virtual appointments reducing the need for time out to travel in heavy traffic, parking, being away from work, organising childcare and so on and all the extra costs.  read more

Going the Extra Mile: Charlotte Collinson and Anya Macbeth

Our Volunteers Duo have transformed the service… and that’s not us saying it.  Susan Clark – a volunteer for five years – attended judging day in support and hailed their work as totally transformational.  She said: “Before them, it sometimes felt like we weren’t really looked after or recognised as part of the team.  read more

And finally...bloopers caught on film

As part of the night it's now tradtiion for the outtakes from the videoing  at the Market Place judging to be combined together into a comedy short film.  read more

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