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Issue 199 | 22nd November 2018

Race against time scoops Community Team a Star Award

When an emergency takes off, Friday teatime is probably the worst imaginable time to rally..  But our Community Team rose to the call when there were fears of a meningitis potential outbreak at a Calderdale care home. 
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Lack of sleep and loving Liverpool FC. Meet our Safe-guarding heroine, Elizabeth (yes, it is) Clyde-Evans

Gwen Clyde-Evans is our award-winning safeguarding lead. She once worked at Rampon High Security Unit where killers Ian Huntley and Beverley Allitt have been held. 
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In memory of Davina - Memorial this Monday

A memorial event will be held on Monday so colleagues can pay their respects to Davine Grubb.  Davina died suddenly this week leaving colleagues in ophthalmology, MaxFax and in Surgical division devastated.  The event - led by our Chaplain George Spencer  - will be held in the Chapel at HRI from noon until 1.45 pm. 
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The rise and rise of Stevie and Olivia - there's no stopping them!

There's no stopping these two. Stevie Armitage (S) and Olivia Higgins, (O) best pals and colleagues, are both about to start new roles  as Trainee Nurse Associates in the New Year after taking advantage of all the career opportunities here at CHFT. Olivia was an apprentice and then they've both been healthcare assistants then clincial support workers. 
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'Flubuster Wednesday next week - Karen and Jean's call out "Let's Do This"

60% of colleagues are vaccinated against the 'flu, and next Wednesday 28th our immunisers, will be out and about across CHFT, making sure as many people as possible are protected to avoid catching or spreading the 'flu in the coming months. And as our nurses lead our docs by 10% - next Wednesday is their chance to catch up.  read more

Swimming for her country.ICU's sister's girl's a star of the pool.

Ava Taylor, daughter of Caroline Winkley,  our ICU Sister, has  been selected to represent the United Kingdom at 2019 World Transplant Games next year in swimming (17-24th August 2019).  read more

Con-grad-uations. Suzy and Gillian.

A huge well done this week to Clinical Governance Facilitator, Suzy Daly and End of Life Care Facilitator Gillian Sykes  who have  both graduated with a MSc in Healthcare Management.  Both studied the three year part-time Masters course at Huddersfield University.  read more

It's all about giving something back. Happy 70th from our governor Sheila Taylor

Sheila Taylor, left,  and Christine Mills are two of our new public governors elected this summer.  Every Foundation Trust has to have a Council of Governors to hold the Board to account for the performance of the Trust.  read more

Festive Freya's doing her National (Elf) Service: Advent Calendar is underway

Thanks to everyone who's signed up to be our festive faces of Christmas 2018.  We had tremendous response  last week when we asked for CHFT team volunteers and our lines were soon buzzing.  read more

Policies and work information

Bite-sized learning - applying cannula dressings correctly

A recent audit highlighted some adhesive dressings are being applied incorrectly to cannula sites, and bandages are being used when tube dressings are recommended. Read on as to why it's important to get this right.  read more

Managing our finances: Mini-money movies now available

With the right help - provided by finance team - our colleagues can now better understand the financial information they receive each month, in our Trust-wide efforts to control costs.  read more

Win chox and celebrate our 200th edition.

Yes,  unbelievably, there's  now been nearly four years of CHFT Weekly - our very special e-bulletin.    Thursday lunchtimes have never been better. Thanks to colleagues every week we've a never-ending supply of good news, ward achievements, clinical advances and your amazing out-of-work charity efforts.  read more

CHFT Events

Upcoming at CHFT: Dance-a-thon and news of our decorate a Xmas cake competition

With everyone feeling the Strictly fever we're proud to announce next week's dance-a-thons in our hospital entrances.  There's no competition involved, just the chance to have a good time and throw some moves.  read more

Events roundup: Pudsey would be proud, HIV Week, Mouth Cancer Testing, and Antibiotics Week cake winner.

It started last Friday with Pudsey day and all this week CHFT colleagues have been out and about promoting healthy lifestyles and healthcare opportunitiies. Here's a round-up of their activity.  read more

LGBTQ event in January 2019 - and a new email to contact us

We'll be visiting our neighbours in Leeds soon to see how they promote their LGBTQ scene - feeding back at the next LGBTQ+ Forum in early January. We're promoting the date now to give everyone enough notice so they can attend in working hours.  read more

George's Santa Dash for Talk Thru

Our Chaplain George Spencer has been clocking up some miles to prepare for his Santa Dash at HRI next weekend - all in aid of raising funds for talkthru -  a local counselling service for Mums and Dads who have lost babies in pregnancy and at birth.  read more

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