Hannah Crowther - following in her mum's NHS footsteps.

Hannah Crowther is our latest colleague to give the NHS a big birthday shout-out in its 70th year. 

Our outpatients receptionist - follows her mum Carol Crowther (formerly Day Surgery now in Qatar) and brother into the NHS and will be the face on all CHFT screensavers for the next week.  Hannah  started part-time while she was at Kirklees College and is now full-time.

She says her job working with people has done wonders for her confidence.

"At the start I didn't think I could do it, but now I love it and I feel so much more confident helping and meeting new people every day."

Here's her thoughts on our marvellous organisation celebrating its 70th birthday this year.

How long have you worked for the NHS?

In January 2019 I will have been working for the NHS for 6 years.

Why is the NHS special to you?

The NHS is special to me because I've had two granddads that have both been in hospital, and they've both sadly passed away. We couldn't thank the NHS enough for helping them both out. One of my granddads had COPD so he spent a lot of his time coming to hospital appointments.

He also spent a lot of time being an inpatient. If it wasn't for the NHS my grandad wouldn't have been able to have all the treatment and care he was given. So that's why the NHS is special to me.

What wish/present would you grant the NHS in its 70th year?

I'd wish for another 70 years plus, as I think the NHS is a very good service. 

** Every week throughout this year we have featured a different colleague on our screensaver campaign to emphasise the variety of people all working together to deliver compassionate care for our patients. if you wish to feature or know someone who would be good then call Freya in Comms on HRI x 5253