Farewell Mansoor Ali

Colleagues from the Medical Division gathered last week to mark the departure of Dr Mansoor Ali, Consultant in Renal Medicine who is leaving us after 4 ½ years at CHFT.

Clinical Director for Integrated Medical Specialties, Andrew Hardy, said: “Mansoor is very dedicated and hard working in his desire to improve renal services for local patients.

"He was the first renal specialist appointed at CHFT and he embodies the Four Pillars ethos of the Trust and is committed to putting the patient first.

"Examples of this include his work around education of patients with long term renal problems, end-of-life care services and promotion of renal transplant. He will also be familiar to many people due to  his regular contributions to CHFT Weekly and appearance on a number of screen savers over the years!”.

Mansoor will be joining Bradford Teaching Hospitals to help them to further develop their dialysis services.