Double Discharge Delight: Clingo family go home a foursome

District Nurse Naomi Clingo and husband Kyle left our Trust last week with two special reasons to be very grateful... and as a family of four.

She'd had little Dylan on the Birth Centre and her toddler son, Douglas, was able to leave after three weeks with a huge pot on his leg on the children's ward.

It marked the end of a traumatic three weeks for the family, from Bradford, which started when 20-month-old Douglas snapped his thigh after slipping at Huddersfield Splash Centre.

He was admitted to the paediatric ward at HRI and underwent three weeks of traction - all at the same time his mum was 36 weeks pregnant.

To be close to him she switched her maternity care from Bradford to HRI where baby Dylan was born - and all four went home together.

Naomi, said: "Everyone at CHFT has been outstanding. The staff are amazing and I don't just mean the midwives. We have been through a roller-coaster and they have all been so supportive."

She said when Douglas accident happened she went into panic, wondering how to be close to him with her second baby due so close.

She added: "There are no words to express our gratitude to all the experience we will never forget for numerous reasons. We are now able to be positive and look forward to our future as a family of four."