Waste situation: update and email for enquiries

From this week, our Trust along with 15 others across the country, have a new waste collector.

As a result, we have had to slightly change the way we collect and store our different types of waste.

See the attached notice.

If you have any questions or need advice about it please email: waste@cht.nhs.uk

The only extra information is that colleagues are asked not to overfill the new heavier-duty orange bags as, when full, they are very difficult to handle.

Our waste manager, Don Mackenzie, suggests they are not filled beyond 50% so they can easily be transported away.

He said: “I wish to thank all colleagues for making the changes necessary this week at very short notice and, looking ahead, thank all for your continuing support.”

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock read a statement to Parliament yesterday about the latest situation reaffirming that collections were continuing as usual, there was no risk to the public and no healthcare  services were being cancelled.