It's there in the darkest of times. Asifa's tribute to the NHS

 Asifa Ali our lead in Research and Development is the latest CHFT colleagues to sign up for our NHAS70 screensaver campaign. If you'd like to feature answer the questions and email them to and we'll fix a photo and the artwork. So come on...  time is running out it's nearly the NHS 71st year.. (not the same)

What do you do and how long have you worked for the NHS? – I work in the Trust Research Department as R&I Lead, I have worked in the NHS for 16 years.


 What makes the NHS special to you?  – The NHS has provided excellent care and treatment for my family over the years and in the most darkest of times. The NHS makes possible what cannot be possible in most countries, we are very fortunate.


   What would you wish for the NHS for its Big Birthday? –  to make research & evidence-based practice the norm and to make it future proof for the next 70 years!