Oct 22 - new Women's Unit on Ward 4s at CRH

From Monday, October 22, our new Women's Unit  at CRH will be up and running.

Maternity Services at CHFT are relocating the Antenatal and Postnatal wards from ward 9 and ward 1D.

The two wards will be amalgamated onto 4A,B&D, joining our Gynaecology colleagues on 4C to become the Women’s Uni

The main access for all maternity patients and visitors to the 4’s will be via lift 1 which is situated at the main entrance to Calderdale Hospital.

The telephone numbers are as follows:

4A nurses station                     4249

4A (Back Office)                       3110

4B Induction Suite                    4925

4B Senior Sister’s office           2116

4D Including Transitional care  2147

A formal opening  is planned for in the near future  when the teams hopes colelagues can join them for a slice of cake.