It's Never Too Late: how exercise for the elderly is preventing falls

Older People’s Day is celebrated each year on the 1st October, and our physiotherapy team used it to promote the benefits of older people participating in regular exercise and activity.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has a new campaign that focuses on this called ‘Never too Late’. The Medicine and Elderly Physiotherapy have been educating people about the numerous benefits that activity and exercise can bring. Exercise helps build muscle and bone strength, and can result in reduced risk of many serious medical conditions, improved wellbeing, reduced risk of falling and improved self-esteem, confidence and socialisation.

The team provide care on a variety of wards identifying individualised rehabilitation plans for each patient with the aim of improving their independence, mobility, function and confidence. Activity and exercise is a key method of helping people stay active and healthy as they get older.

Physiotherapist Gemma Weatherby said: "Part of the reason we took time out to talk to patients and visitors was to raise awareness. 

"With the correct exercise plan, specifically built for a patient, individuals reduce their risk of illness, injury, and most importantly falls, by building confidence and muscle strength. In recent research this has shown to be the best way forward in preventing falls and help to promote and encourage investment into therapy led falls services within the community.

"Within the hospital, our therapy teams cover a number of wards, and tailor-make a rehab plan for each patient, to aid mobility, increase strength and confidence. Older People’s Day helps to highlight the issues for the elderly, and the ways we can assist."