Some e-learning courses change next month. Full list here.

Six key national ESR assessments are changing soon. If you are mid-way through training, or non-compliant in them, it will be simpler for you to complete them as soon as possible so you don't complete the wrong assessment in November.

The courses (see below) are being changed at a national level, not by CHFT.

If you choose not to complete your training, after 1st November you may end up completing the wrong assessments. This could mean you’ll spend valuable time training, yet could still be non-compliant.

  • 000 Safeguarding Adults eAssessment - Level 1
  • 000 Safeguarding Children eAssessment - Level 1
  • 000 Equality, Diversity and Human Rights eAssessment - Level 1
  • 000 Health, Safety and Welfare eAssessment - Level 1
  • 000 Infection Prevention and Control eAssessment - Level 1
  • 000 Moving and Handling eAssessment – Level 1

The attachment explains how to renew your certification in ESR.

If you have any questions please contact workforce information officer Debra Rees (Debra works Tues to Thurs)

T: 01484 355038