Better Births: bringing online access to maternity records.

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Women who register their pregnancy with us can now sign-up to see their maternity records online and once registered they can access them anywhere in the UK. It's all part of the Better Births programme - and we're one of only around fifteen trusts in the country offering the service.

Our new Chief Nurse Information Officer and former Maternity EPR Midwife Carol Gregson, told CHFT Weekly: "This is a great step forward in improving the patient experience. How often do we know of people who have gone to an appointment and not quite remembered everything they've been told, or they want to know more afterwards?

"This way, patients have time to reflect, have a better understanding of their information and can become more involved in their care. It will reduce our admin internally and should improve consultations as notes can be reviewed in advance".

Newly-pregnant women (after 18th September*) are offered the option to be able to access their online notes for the duration of their pregnancy and for six weeks after the birth of their baby.

Carol, added: "There should also be a reduction in requests for medical records, plus other healthcare professionals outside of CHFT will be able to access the information with the womans consent if she presents for maternity care with another health care provider.

"I'd personally like to thank EPR Midwife Emma Hardwidge, THIS colleagues David Armitage and Rachel Newburn, Digital Health Team in particular Sarah Talbot and our Server Infrastructure Team James Ledgard and Adam Clarke for their hard work and effort to get us to this point."

Here's a run-down of what can be seen in the record:

  • Summary of Care
  • Maternity Contacts
  • Booking – Medical; Family History; Social; Obstetric History
  • Antenatal Consultations – observations & investigations
  • Hospital Stays – dates only
  • Risk Assessments & Management Plans
  • Birth Plan
  • Referrals
  • Labour and Delivery Summary
  • Midwifery Comms Mother & Infant
  • Mothers Postnatal Assessment
  • Baby Assessment; Feeding and Comments
  • Baby Screening

A small amount of information will not be viewable: Confidential entries, consultation communications (only when entered in isolation), Guardian Intrapartum Care and Hospital Stays including CTGs.

* because the functionality has been enabled within the system on the 18th September, only women booked from that time will have access to their digital personal health record*