They feel Epic! Gary, Bev and Karthik star in a short film.

Karthik, Bev and Gary

It's not often our Finance Director takes to film, but he is so pleased with how our new income contract with the CCGs is improving care for patients, he's taken the plunge to sing its praises supported by his clinical colleagues.

In the short video, Gary Boothby is joined by Director of Urgent Care Bev Walker and Consultant Cardiologist Karthik Viswanathan, who want to share new clinical models and how they are working to provide best care for their patients.

In a nutshell, we now have an Aligned Incentive Contract (AIC) which pays us a guaranteed amount from our commissioners and it no longer fluctuates depending on how many patients we see.

On the film, Bev explains about the new choice and recovery facility being put in place with our partners for patients requiring nursing care in discharge. She's impressed as her team no longer constantly worry about the amount of income we might lose, allowing them to focus on what is best for the patient and work with our partners and stakeholders to get it right.

And Karthik talks about how they've grabbed the opportunities to move away from a traditional consultant-led referral system for simple arrhythmia conditions. Their one stop clinic is a hit with patients as fewer need to return to hospital. Under the old contract this would have been a reduction in income, but under the new we keep all our income and our patients need fewer repeat visits.

Watch the five minute film for yourself and see how it might be able to benefit your clinical areas.