Hello My Name Is....Sheila Kalanovic and "I'm paid to hug" !

This latest "Hello My Name Is.. " features our award-winning and published community matron Sheila Kalanovic. In it, she talks about having a husband called Merlin, her family and shares what is easily the booziest family party photo ever seen. Drink responsibly, folks! 

Hello my name is... Sheila Kalanovic

I am married to Merlin. We were born on the same day and met in the local park when we were aged thirteen and we have two boys Jake and Sam.  The boys are now young men and have left home. Jake works in Leeds and Sam is travelling.  We have a dog named Frieda who is a refugee from Syria and a cat called Sherman who thinks he is a dog.

What is your position?   I currently work part -time as a community matron covering Northolme surgery, Kos clinic and Caritas Surgery at Shelf.   The role encompasses working with individuals with long term conditions or complex needs.

Summarise your career background.  Initially commenced working in 1981, as a nursing assistant within mental health in the Psychiatric Unit (now the car park at CRH).  I then trained as an enrolled nurse, working as a surgical nurse on Crossley ward at the Royal Halifax Infirmary.   I then undertook the conversion course to become a registered general nurse.  I have worked within rehabilitation for the elderly at Northowram Hospital, where I completed the ENB 998.  In 1990 I began working as a community staff nurse for the elderly, I then trained as community specialist nurse (district nursing) and worked at Church lane surgery.  I have worked as a matron for since 2004, within that time I have worked as Matron Managing Intermediate Care, Complex Discharge matron and Matron for Patient Flow.  I have obtained a masters certificate in Long term conditions and I am a nurse prescriber.

Throughout my time in community I have developed an interest in falls prevention and I am involved in a multi- disciplinary clinic to assess individuals who have suffered a fall.  I enjoy the mentor role and I am a sign off mentor. 


What is the highlight of your career so far?  Gosh!  So many good times!  Having worked with so many lovely people – good times and memories made!   Hopefully more to come!  My colleague Maggie Shepley and I once won five out of six awards (putting the Trust firmly on the board) at the Nursing Times Awards and then went onto win Celebrating Success. (see attached photo) We also had a chapter in a book published (Timely Discharge Planning – available on Amazon Lol!).

Sum up your role in three words – Ha Ha Ha!   Me use only 3 words!  Hard work, hilarious at times and when asked what I do for a living – I say ‘I am paid to hug people’

What did you want to be when you were growing up?  To be married and have lots of children, but Merlin says I’m a princess

When you are not at work how do you relax?  Walking, gardening, socialising with friends and festivals /music gigs with Merlin.

What is your favourite place?  Home

What would people be surprised to know about you?  I am very sensible!   I’m known to be slightly crazy!

Twitter/Facebook?  Yes, both

The NHS is 70 on the 5th July. How does that make you feel? Old!