Emergency practice event at HRI on Saturday, and a reminder about car parking

On Saturday, the bottom part of the hospital site at HRI is going to be used for a Major Hazmat incident involving Police, Fire and Ambulance. It will feature a pretend emergency scenario involving multiple injuries and will help our colleagues in their preparedness in the event of a serious incident.

So, in preparation, colleagues are reminded that: 

  • No cars should be left overnight Friday and Saturday in the Old Nurses Home car park, the Learning Centre and what is known as the old tennis court car park the one opposite the Estates. 
  • In addition to this the non-tarmaced car park at Acre Mill will also be used as a holding area for emergency vehicles before they are requested at the incident. This will be for around an hour. If you use this car park, you might want to park toward the front of the car park, to give the emergency vehicles a clear run to the barrier.