Bite -Sized Learning: are you up-to-speed on using oxygen?

We've created some guidance on a new intranet page to make sure colleagues are clued up on the use of oxygen and airflow meters. It's also important to keep your oxygen training up-to-date if it is part of your role.

The important bits:

  • A qualified professional MUST assess all patients requiring oxygen pre- transfer. HCAs may only transfer stable adult patients with low NEWS 0-4 on low dose oxygen. All other patients including paediatrics require a qualified professional (usually a nurse) to transfer them.
  • Ensure there is enough oxygen in the cylinders for the duration of the transfer - our advice is to allow 25% more than you think you might use
  • The cylinder should be swapped to an oxygen port on arrival at destination
  • Keep your oxygen training up-to-date and complete the new CHFT Oxygen medical devices competency
  • It is VITAL any Air Ports have flowmeters removed when not in use, see diagram (on the attachment)
  • Any air flowmeters in use will have the Airguard insitu, see diagram (on the attachment)

Unsure how to use an oxygen cylinder or how long it will last?

Refer to the new CHFT oxygen posters on our new Medical Gases pages of the intranet. Copies will also be shared with wards soon.

Please see the attached document for a longer briefing and guidance.