Can ewe believe it? First sheep in CHFT Weekly.


We have been out and about promoting the importance of the AAA life-saving can for men aged 65 and over.

We attended Masham Sheep Fair and mingled with farmers, country folk and Morris Men to increase awarenesss of having it done and its potential.

The aorta is the largest blood vessel in the body supplying blood to major organs. This simple 10- minute scan is done in community settings and the Trust screens as far as the Yorkshire Dales as well as across Bradford, Airedale, Halifax and Huddersfield.

Over two million men have been scanned nationally and countless lives saved through intervention.

Kathryn Aldous, programme manager, said the event was really well attended. " We had the opportunity to talk to lots of people about this important scan which is not well known about."

The photo is of Kathryn Aldous and Christy Thomas with the winning Champion Oxford Sheep and the farmer/Judge. The other picture is with the Morris Men from Masham.