Digital Showcase Drop-in, next Monday Oct 8. Carol and Graham will be there...will you?

On Monday we are staging our next Digital Showcase event. It's at Acre Mills between 9.00 – 2.00pm and open to all colleagues - more info below.

It's been an amazing time of colleagues working together to effect an amazing transformation with CHFT now firmly among the NHS's leading Trusts in the country for healthcare supported by the latest technology.

Carol Gregson our new Chief Nurse Information Officer and Graham Walsh our new Chief Clinical Information Officer will be attending the event. They have replaced Jackie Murphy and Alistair Morris who held the posts and steered us through EPR.

Here, Carol tells us more about her "surprising passion for digital health".

Hello my name is…  

Carol Gregson. I have been married to Andrew an IT professional for 28 years, we have two children Isabel and William. Isabel is training to be an Educational Psychologist and William is currently studying Accountancy and Finance at Newcastle University.

What is your position?  

Chief Nurse Information Officer.

Summarise your career background

I trained at HRI as a General Nurse in 1985 and went on to complete my Midwifery training, working clinically for 25 years. Following on from this I was part of the implementation team in Maternity EPR and developed a surprising passion for digital health. This opened a new and exciting career path for me, with an opportunity now to continue to realise the benefits of Digital Health within Nursing.

What is the highlight of your career so far?

Having the privilege of looking after women in a small village over a number of years and becoming part of their community.

Sum up your role in three words

Support, Champion, Lead

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Nurse – always wanted to care for people.

Who is your hero/heroine and why?

My siblings who lived with a life -limiting disease and achieved so much in their relatively short lives.

When you are not at work how do you relax?

I am part of a charitable organisation for women. It has allowed me to do many things I would not have ordinarily experienced.

What is your favourite place?

Home – especially when my lovely children and family are around.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have recently taken up running with a lovely work colleague - provides a release from a busy life. I completed my first half marathon this year in under 2 hours (by 1 second) which I am incredibly proud of.



The NHS is 70 this year. How does that make you feel?

Incredibly proud, not only has it provided special and dedicated care to so many members of my family but also to me in connection with the birth of my children - what it is more shocking however is that I have been a part of this wonderful service for nearly half of that time, providing care to other families!

So - what's on offer at the Digital Showcase drop-in?
Mandy Griffin, Managing Director, Digital Health, said ahead of the event: "CHFT is very proud of the fact we are now one of the most highly digitalised Trusts in the country so we’re showcasing and celebrating all that has been achieved"
"There will be an exhibition of some of the existing technologies used across the Trust and, excitingly, a taste of what's to come". 

You can find out more about Office 365, have a demo on Health and Social Care Interoperability, Endoscopy, ECG Management, Voice Recognition, NPEx – National Pathology Exchange, BloodTrack and more.
There will also be a chance to ask any burning IT questions you have with a Cyber and Tech Bar team on site.

Pop along if you're keen to find out more. Acre Mills top floor Monday 8th between 9am and 2pm.