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Issue 192 | 4th October 2018

Wards 20, 4,5,8 and 15 unite for Pride in our Care

Our teams on our newly re-configured wards for our elderly patients are teaming up for a “Pride in our Care” campaign. 
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Telerounds improving care on our stroke wards.

   They're always looking at ways to improve their care and now our Stroke team have adopted counsultant telerounds as an extra way of linking in with our patients.  They're using digital technology  - teamed up with EPR - to have consultations with their patients from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have a network connection. 
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Can ewe believe it? First sheep in CHFT Weekly.

   We have been out and about promoting the importance of the AAA life-saving can for men aged 65 and over.  We attended Masham Sheep Fair and mingled with farmers, country folk and Morris Men to increase awarenesss of having it done and its potential.  The aorta is the largest blood vessel in the body supplying blood to major organs. 
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A good queue in A&E...the flu jab queue! "We owe it to each other as a team"

We're heading towards 750 colleages who have had their 'flu vaccination by day two of our official campaign. Our immunisers got off to a cracking start, and this year they've got a new app to register their vaccinations.  Yesterday we snapped one of the best queues in A&E at CRH, as our consultant Andy Lockey stood alongside his colleagues to have his jab. 
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Karen Melling's Happy Birthday wishes in the NHS70th year.

Matron Karen Melling - and a bit of a CHFT legend - thanks the NHS for being there in people's hour of need.  read more

I've got my husband back. Study Day praise for colo-rectal nurse team!

A patient and his wife have hailed our nurses for getting him back on the running track after rectal cancer, and thanked them at a study day this week.  read more

CHFT 's palliative care hailed at top conference

Our CHFT scheme to position palliative care nurses in our EDs and MAUs has been hailed at a top national conference.  read more

Digital Showcase Drop-in, next Monday Oct 8. Carol and Graham will be there...will you?

On Monday we are staging our next Digital Showcase event. It's at Acre Mills between 9.00 – 2.00pm and open to all colleagues  read more

Is there a Mo amongst our medics? Teams needed for CHFT five-a-side on Friday Oct 19.

The Trust's Men's Five-a-Side tournament will be held on Friday, October 19.  It will be held at the at 3GI, (6-8 pm)  near The Shay in Clock Tower Lodge Mills, Shaw Lane, Halifax and promotes health and well-being.  There will be two mini leagues of four. So far six have signed up so two more are needed, ideally.  read more

Policies and work information

Xmas and January pay dates - REVEALED

To help you plan your spending for the festivities, payroll have asked us to share Christmas and New Year pay dates.  read more

Jackie Murphy will be CHFT's interim Chief Nurse til Sept 2019

Jackie Murphy will be heading up our nursing workforce for the next 12 months.  She became interim  Chief Nurse in May this year when Brendan Brown  left us to become Chief Exec at Airedale and will continue in this role until September 2019.  read more

Bite -Sized Learning: are you up-to-speed on using oxygen?

We've created some guidance on a new intranet page to make sure colleagues are clued up on the use of oxygen and airflow meters. It's also important to keep your oxygen training up-to-date if it is part of your role  read more

Big Brief goes to slides only - no more events

The Big Brief has been running for three years now - so we're looking to refresh it.  read more

CHFT Events

Libraries Week: books amnesty and best selling author at CHFT

The Library and Knowledge Service at CRH are planning a whole range of free events to celebrate Libraries Week which runs from Monday to Friday next week.  read more

IT Service Week - nominate Health Informatics colleagues

It's also IT Service Week - an international celebration organised by The Service Desk Institute - the leading professional body for everyone working in the IT Service and support industry.  read more

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