A patient has hailed our care the "best in the country"! Find out which ward is celebrating here!

There's praise and then there's this from one grateful patient - now the proud owner of a new hip - and hailing the team as the best in the country!

The writer was bowled over by "the expertise, support and guidance , kindness and positivity....  from ALL the staff. "

Obviously 8a was thrilled with it and rightly wanted to share around the Trust. Well done them, and enjoy the read everyone. It's a cracker.


"It is two weeks since my hip replacement and I must write to congratulate Calderdale hospital and say a big thank you for the care I have received from the whole team concerned with my operation.

The expertise, support and guidance , kindness and positivity has been second to none from ALL the staff.

From my surgeon, joint school, pre-assessment, admission, theatre staff and the fabulous inclusive team on ward 8a, plus the continued support at home.  provided by the amazing orthopaedic rehab team, not forgetting cleaners and porter.

Well done EVERYONE. Your skilled work is much appreciated. You should be very proud of yourselves. You MUST be the best hip and knee replacement unit in the country!

God bless the NHS!

Keep up the terrific work, best wishes and grateful thanks."


So how do they do it? Katherine Stubbington, sheds some light on the Wonder of ward 8a:

Why is your ward special?

We're special because we always work as a team. We're all friends as well, so as a team we do have a giggle with the patients, " laughter being a good medicine" we strive to give the best compassionate care to our patients that we can.

What's the apporoach to your patients?

We always involve the patients in planning their care. This is a little easier as we have waiting list patients. They are seen in  "Joint School" prior to admissions so some staff members are familiar faces again on the ward. It is important to us to introduce ourselves to the patient every day with a friendly face, a smile and a hello my name is!  We personalise ourselves with the patients hopefully giving them the confidence to ask us anything.

What does the team you aim for?

We strive to give the patient the best experience we can, the patient being fully informed as well as their relatives. They walk into us in pain and hopefully go home with a new lease of life and a positivity for the future, which is pain free and they are more mobile.  We also strive to show compassion and kindness to a high standard.

What's the 8AB team spirit built on?

A lot of us have worked here a long time for the Trust, have a  friendship and loyalty to the each other.  We do socialise together and support each other .