NHS70 - Tina and Paul Knight

This week we have a double act for our NHS70 celebrations, with our lead pain nurse Tina Knight and consultant hubby Paul, telling us why the NHS means so much to them. 

How long have you worked in the NHS and why?

P: 26 yearsIt’s important that good healthcare is available to each according to their need. Without good health care, people can’t achieve their potential.
T: 24 years plus (it's been a long time). I am a true believer in the NHS and what it stands for, and I wanted to a part of making a difference to people.

What makes the NHS special to you?

P:It gives everybody security that when they are worried about the health of themselves or their loved ones, at least they don’t have to worry about paying for the care they need……  

T: As the man himself said  “A doctor should be able to meet his patients with no financial anxiety” Also myself and Paul met working for the NHS  - cue the soppy bit (awww!)

What birthday present would you give it in its 70th year?

P: More independence so that it can deliver excellent health care without short-term political interference.

T: More recognition of the great staff who work in the NHS.