Just Beat It. Bugs that is... by ace handwashing!

Sue Higo, Sue Cotterill & Gill Manojlovic


Our annual Handwash Roadshow is out and about again this week at HRI and at CRH next week - and to help with the messages we've hired some of the biggest bands ever.

Queen, the Beatles,   Michael Jackson and  even Baloo the Bear have influenced this Top 10 of top tips for everyone to remember.

It's crucial that we get the technique right as simple, proper,  handwashing is central to ensuring CDiff  is kept at bay. So, popsters, enjoy the  CHFT countdown to clean hands.

  1. Another One Bites the Dust – Alcohol hand gel is an effective way to decontaminate hands that are not visibly soiled.
  2. You Need Hands – Look after your hands, moisturise regularly to keep them protected.
  3. It takes Two – It’s important that patients as well as health care professionals wash their hands.  Ensure patients have access to hand hygiene facilities.
  4. Somebody’s Watching over Me – Observe good hand hygiene and feel you are able to challenge practice.
  5. Bare Necessities – Bare below the elbow in clinical areas.  Sleeves rolled up and no watches or stoned rings.  One plain wedding band only to be worn.
  6. I want to hold your hand – Follow the correct stages of hand hygiene to ensure all areas of the hands are clean.
  7. The Time Warp – Keep up to date with the hand hygiene policy available on the Trust intranet.
  8. Lay your Hands on Me – Ensure your gloves are changed after each task and hands washed before donning and after removal.
  9. Hands up, baby hands up – Dry hands thoroughly after washing.
  10. Just beat It – Hand hygiene is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infection.