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Issue 189 | 13th September 2018

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"CHFT will be the BloodTrack envy of the world! 110% effort makes us global leaders.

We're celebrating after CHFT adopted a "big bang" style approach to installing BloodTrack... and did it!  Some Trusts take up to five years to achieve the first phase.  We have completed phases 1 and 2 in a year and are already onto phase 3. Once that is complete we will be the envy of the world. 
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Eyes down on World Sepsis Day today.

It's World Sepsis Day today and all Trusts are committed to raising awareness so we can eradicate it.  Sepsis is the presence of harmful bacteria and their toxins through any infection.  So as part of CHFT's response, our ED consultant Huw Masson has developed a " bingo game" approach to detecting and treating it. 
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I thought I might not be around for my family!" A moving video on the eve of 'Flu 2018/19 campaign

 Quest nurse Katie Berry makes a moving case for the flu jab. Our campaign starts officially on 3rd October. 
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Medicine's all-new line-up including a Hello My Name Is.. from newly-married Lucy (formerly Pittaway) Jesson.

This month has seen many changes within our Medical Division. Read on for a full-roundup. 
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Happy Birthday NHS70, gorillas and power cuts. Don aka "Dump It" Mackenzie.

Don Mackenzie is our Energy Officer. So good that in a short time he's acquired the nickname "Dump It"  in recogntion of his de-clutter campaign - just part of his role.  He's passionate about us being an environmentally-friendly Trust and proud of the fact we now have 25 Green Champions trustwide.. and he wants more.  read more

100 days.. and counting.

Ward 8 at HRI are today celebrating a landmark 105 days without a pressure ulcer.  As a Trust preventing pressure ulcers is one of leading quality indicators so to see such a result in such a key area is a real triumph.  They reckon a new process of checking patients every two hours instead of four hours is behind the 100+-day achievement.  read more

Me a hit - overwhelming response to the new app

Almost 78% of colleagues on the bank have downloaded the new Me app in just one month, using it to review shift patterns, and book leave or unfilled bank shifts. This week ward 15 at HRI were given their departmental prize of an iPad, in what turned out to be an amazing response from colleagues right across CHFT downloading the app.  read more

CHFT Bake Off Special: behind the scenes with Debi Johnson

Big Bake Off shout-out to Debi Johnson for these photos and the stories behind the sponges.   We want to let Bake Off run throughout this telly series and Debi - a Senior Administrator from THIS  -  got us off to a cracker.  read more

Policies and work information

Important Updates: Food Awareness course, final 'flu session for immunisers next week and a fire reminder.

   Three important training announcements affecting many colleagues. Please read and keep up-to-date.  read more

Latest Sharing Learning - Improving Care newsletter

Despite our very best efforts, sometimes medicines are not always stored safely and correctly, so this latest edition - due on wards this week - is focussed on the safe storage of medicines.    The recent CQC inspection highlighted some areas of medicines management that required improvement in some areas.  read more

CHFT Events

Freebies galore and lots of moneysaving ideas...come on down!

There's gym discounts, restaurant offers and shops offers - both local and national - at our upcoming Workforce Benefits Roadshows (as well as tons of freebies such as pens, stress toys and key rings).  The Workforce Benefits Service are holding roadshows at both main hospital sites in September.  read more

Hand Hygenie Roadshow starts on Monday

The hand photo might make you go yuk!  But that is the hand of one of our patients when her cannulae insertion became infected. Aseptic Non-Touch Training obviously is designed to make sure this doesn't happen so make sure you are propoerly trained.  read more

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