Hand Hygenie Roadshow starts on Monday

The hand photo might make you go yuk!

But that is the hand of one of our patients when her cannulae insertion became infected. Aseptic Non-Touch Training obviously is designed to make sure this doesn't happen so make sure you are propoerly trained. (Our patient did go on to make a full recovery!)

Our 2018 Hand Hygenie Roadshow starts  on Monday - and getting the message across has never been more important.

Washing our hand between every patients is the key way to prevent the spread of Cdificile and we are one currently of only three Trusts  in the Yorks and Humber region to have breached targets. To put it into perspective, since measuring started we once had a year when we recorded 16 incidents. At the moment we are more than 40.

Matron Lead for infection prevention control, Jean Robinson, said: " Every case (of Cdiff) is investigated to understand and find out why and how it happened. Over the years we have reduced our C-diff cases year on year but this has changed over the last two years where we have had an increasing number of C-diff cases within the organisation. It is therefore important that we are not complacent in our practice.  As ever, we cannot over emphasise how important something as basic as washing our hands is in providing the best, safest patient care."

The roadshow is at HRI for the first week  from next Monday (Sept 17-21) then at CRH the following week from Sept 24-28. See attached poster.