CHFT Bake Off Special: behind the scenes with Debi Johnson

Big Bake Off shout-out to Debi Johnson for these photos and the stories behind the sponges. 

We want to let Bake Off run throughout this telly series and Debi - a Senior Administrator from THIS  -  got us off to a cracker.

If you think you can do better - or worse - then send in your efforts and we'll share the fabulousness  - and the flops - trustwide!

What's not to like?


Debi's smiling after ace Emoji Cake.  (see photo top right)

 " My eight-year-old son insisted he wanted a homemade emoji cake. I’ve not baked for years due to my Vit D deficiency and I have weak shoulder muscles. I’m just a home-baker who loves seeing pretty cakes and going to all the cakey exhibitions.  We sit and watch all the cake shows Bake Off, Extreme Cakes you name it.

" Finished baking his cake at 1 am on a Sunday morning - the early hours of his actual birthday. I got up early Sunday morning to crumb coat and cover the cake with black icing which nearly ended in disaster because it was so warm and sticky/too pliable.  I finished in time to take to the restaurant a few hours  later for his birthday meal….to say it was a rushed cake, it tasted lush!

"One day I’d like to think one day I will make a wedding cake to a professional standard….who knows"