Happy Birthday NHS70, gorillas and power cuts. Don aka "Dump It" Mackenzie.

Don Mackenzie is our Energy Officer. So good that in a short time he's acquired the nickname "Dump It"  in recogntion of his de-clutter campaign - just part of his role.

He's passionate about us being an environmentally-friendly Trust and proud of the fact we now have 25 Green Champions trustwide.. and he wants more.

To start with here's his NHS70 Birthday Wishes and below more about gorillas, plastic in the sea and 70s power cuts!

  • How long have you worked in the NHS and what have you enjoyed?  2 and ½ years, after working for Kirklees Council. I have enjoyed the variety of work and the engagement that staff give despite being very busy people.


  • What special wish/present would give to celebrate the NHS’s platinum birthday and why?  An environmentally, socially and financially sustainable healthcare system. We need to be working towards a sustainable healthcare system but have a long way to go at the moment.


  • Sum up what the  NHS means to you in a sentence?  In the words of Nye Bevan “The collective principle asserts that... no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.”


CHFT Weekly asked Don more about his background and what drives him on!

Where did your interest in saving energy/sustainability etc come from.

I am old enough to remember power cuts in the early seventies and then studying energy sources at university made me think about our reliance on unsustainable power generation and transport.

How does plastic in the seas make you feel?

The Blue Planet footage was shocking and the evidence of microplastic pieces affecting top predators like whales which are protected from hunting is depressing. One positive is that  Far eastern countries such as China are now refusing to take our waste which should reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the sea.

Anything else upset you about the planet abuse?

Palm oil plantations and grassland for cattle production being created from rain forests.

Have you a favourite animal in danger of extinction?


As a Trust in what areas could we improve?

Stop single use plastic unless absolutely necessary. Recycle all our cardboard and paper. Encourage the use of washable cups and cutlery wherever possible....more about this in next week's edition of CHFT Weekly

Have you a dream  achievement?

Short-term – recruiting a green champion in every ward and department – we have 25 at the moment so please contact me if interested. HRI Ext 5734.

Long-term – contributing to a sustainable NHS which is continuing to improve health outcomes without using irreplaceable natural resources or contributing to global warming.