100 days.. and counting.

Ward 8 at HRI are today celebrating a landmark 105 days without a pressure ulcer.

As a Trust preventing pressure ulcers is one of leading quality indicators so to see such a result in such a key area is a real triumph.

They reckon a new process of checking patients every two hours instead of four hours is behind the 100+-day achievement.

 The team has  not had a hospital-acquired pressure ulcer since May.

At every check they move a patient to try to relieve potential pressure areas  by helping them to stand or by changing their position.

Ward manager Sarah Bray said the 100 days reflected huge team-wide commitment on the ward. She said: " I am very proud of the team. We had achieved 40 days before we introduced these new checks. The 2 hourly checks require real commitment and this achievement is a real reflection of that commitment to improve patient care and safety during the patients stay with us .