Bite sized learning - Sepsis screening tool must always be used

It's World Sepsis Day next Thursday 13th, so this week we have a timely reminder about the importance of using the screening tool when a Sepsis alert is raised in EPR. We know it is frequently being bypassed and it's vital to react within the hour if severe Sepsis is likely.

EPR continuously monitors and screens patients for possible sepsis and when the system identifies a possible case of Sepsis, it alerts staff when viewing the patient record.

It is essential the screening tools is completed without delay, even though it can be bypassed.

In all cases it's crucial to Just ask: Could it be Sepsis?

What to do:

Using the EPR sepsis screening tool, confirm whether the patient has sepsis or provide an alternative cause for the abnormal results/clinical parameters.

The EPR will generate this form automatically by selecting the link within the sepsis alert.

If sepsis is confirmed, use the EPR sepsis tool to:

  1. Identify and document the source of sepsis
  2. Identify and document reg flags that may indicate severe/high risk sepsis
  3. Confirm the type of sepsis (eg uncomplicated, severe, neutopenic etc)
  4. Confirm which of the 5 interventions are required to manage the patient.