How healthy is your heart?

The One You: Heart Age  launched this week and provides a very easy way to find out your heart's age and life expectancy prediction.

Everyone knows their actual age but inside beating away is your heart and there's a quick survey to find out what shape that is in.

The campaign encourages people to take the online heart age test and it's really easy - done in a few clicks -  and delivers an instant age. It even goes as far to say what your life expectancy could be based on your answers!.

You just answer a few simple life-style questions and it does all the rest.

Don't get worried....Figures show that the majority of people have a heart age of more than one year older than it really is, with many five years older. 

In Calderdale 80% of people who took the test had a heart age of at least a year older than themselves. 77% in Kirklees.