Happy Birthday NHS - may you excel for many years to come. Kath Fletcher's family connections

Kath Fletcher is the latest colleague to say Happy Birthday to the NHS in its 70th year. Every week in 2018 we have featured a different colleague and role and now, amazingly, we're two-thirds through this momentous year. If you'd like to share your birthday wishes just answer the three questions - as Kath did - and email them to chft@cht.nhs.uk


How long have you worked in the NHS and why?

I joined the NHS and CHFT in September 1990, as part time as secretary to the Head of Midwifery.  Over the last 28 years I have taken up a variety of roles including bed management, doctors rota planning and divisional admin manager.  For the last 14 years I have worked as a General Manager, initially for Appointments and Records, and more recently Outpatient Services.  In addition to career development the Trust has supported my personal development the years to Masters level. 

What makes the NHS Special to you?

My family has worked in the NHS since the 1955.  My mother was a nurse at HRI from 1969 to 1992 , and at the point of retirement in 1992 was the Occupational Health Sister.  I have a number of family members working for the Trust. My sister works in PMU, my son Craig in IT and my daughter works for the CCGs.  Over the years the NHS namely CRH and HRI has not only provided employment to my family, but also given excellent care to my family members, including the birth of my children and more recently first grandchild.  I am proud to work for the NHS and CHFT, and over the years I have been privileged to work alongside some amazingly talented professionals.


What Birthday Present would you give it in its 70th year?

I would wish for the NHS and CHFT to continue to excel for years to come, using the latest medical techniques and technologies available so that generations to follow have both the opportunity to work in this superb institution and receive first class care should the need arise.