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Issue 186 | 30th August 2018

Rachel, in stripey jumper and the multi-agency Discharge Team.

Discharge teamwork for our patients.

Our Discharge Team are on an amazing roll at the moment, notching up another major first in patient care which is a tribute to working together at its very best.  CHFT hospital and community staff and Social Services colleagues have achieved a milestone with zero patients with us for more than 100 days*. And even better... 
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"I never eat cake - but I could eat ALL that one!" CHFT Bake Off round-up

But which were the winners? 
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Personal thank you from Lesley as WOS launches this Saturday

There's a brand new era starting this Saturday. It's the day Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions (CHS) Ltd starts and many colleagues are involved. Managing director Lesley Hill send her personal thanks here.  CHS is our new wholly-owned subsidiary bringing together colleagues from estates, maintenance,  procurement and materials management. 
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Marcia - middle - with colleagues Sam Booth and Emily Notter, right

Marcia's amazing! Patient's praise for phlebotomist

Following on from the recent feedback for ward 10, CHFT Weekly is delighted to share more lovely words - this time in praise of the phlebotomy clinic service at Acre Mills, and in particular Marcia Simpson. 
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Hello.. we're still here! Meet Princess Royal-based Speech and language therapist Lydia Rodger

Hello my name is…  Lydia Rodger. I grew up in Warwickshire and have been via York, Edinburgh and Margate before starting work with CHFT. I love cooking, anything creative and everything 1930/40s, including swing dancing – I met my husband Dan while learning to lindy hop in Edinburgh.  read more

Outstanding - and it's all thanks to you! Praise for dietetics

A student who spent 12 weeks on placement with our Dietetics Team has scooped an award for being outstanding - and dedicated it to her temporary CHFT colleagues.  She emailed them to tell them her good news and delighted them all.  read more

Best in West Yorkshire - Lorna's a track and field champ

Here at Comms Towers we love receiving news about our colleagues' achievements both at work - and in their down-time.  So we loved the tip-off from Lorna Gill's colleague Jonathan Bray about her amazing athletics successes.  read more

NHS70 Gary Boothby

Finance director Gary Boothby is in the spotlight this week sending Happy Birthday wishes to the NHS.  read more

Jon Todd retirement

Colleagues gathered to say farewell to Research and Development's Jon as he retired after 20 years with us.  read more

Policies and work information

Bite sized learning - advanced care planning

Following an incident it was flagged that advice to discuss ‘goals of care’ with a patient did not occur. The patient's condition deteriorated and they were readmitted a few weeks later.  Despite it being documented it would be too traumatic and was likely to cause injury, due to the lack of a DNACPR decision, CPR was performed.  read more

Staff Friends and Family Test - two quick questions to answer

Next week we're all due to receive our latest Friends and Family survey (by email from Picker).  It's just two questions in length, so please take the time to respond if you can before 23rd September, as e-mail reminders are sent too.  Info: Colleagues are surveyed four times a year through our national survey provider Picker.  read more

CHFT Events

Did she find her then?

Last week Patient Pathway's Gillian Gabanski asked for help to track down an ED doctor who tended to her cousin after he had a heart attack while out cycling in Saddleworth.  The mystery doc had blonde hair and drove a white BMW and stopped her car to block the road and tend to the man.  read more

Overgate's annual Midnight Walk - Sat 8th Sept

Overgate will again be running their popular midnight walk. You can choose to walk 7 or 13 miles and as usual will start from Northbridge Leisure Centre. Register online or call the team to sign up. Click on the picture to enlarge and get the details or see below.  read more

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