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Issue 185 | 23rd August 2018

L-r: Kathy Hutton, Leah Fisher, Lynn Penson and Zoe Matthewman

From tea and toast to just being there. Theatres' pledge trees have the awww factor

Our theatres teams have installed their own "Pledge Trees" promising to deliver only the very best care by them all.  The stick-on trees dominate the reception areas and are proving a real source of reassurance and a distraction to our patients who are on their way for surgery. 
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Andes action.

Lesley Hill opens up as Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions Ltd prepares to launch.

There's just one week to go now until our wholly-owned subsidiary Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions Ltd is up and running -  on 1st September. 
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NHS70 - Ashwin and Donna celebrate our momentous year

Here's our first NHS70 double act featuring two colleagues who embraced the selfie-style celebrations back on July 5. What a joyous day it was - so big welcome to Ashwin Verma and Donna Cole who share their thoughts as part of this momentous year. 
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"What are we going to do without our Judith'll Fix-It?" asks Gary Boothby

Our finance and procurement admin Judith Cruickshank, who has worked in the department since starting work at the Trust more than 35 years ago retires today. Her director of finance Gary Boothby pulled out the stops with his speech in front of a packed top floor at Acre Mills yesterday as her colleagues joined her to wish her well. 
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Can you help me track down the mystery ED doc?

Our  Gillian Gabanski - from the Patient Pathway Team at HRI - is appealing for help to track down a doctor who saved her cousin's life.  Gordon Brown suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing outside the Junction Inn at Denshaw, near Saddleworth, on Tuesday, August 14, during a cycle ride.  read more

CHFT Bake Off - judging next Tues at noon. Both hospital entrances

There's just five days to our first Bake Off judging sessions in both hospital entrances. Tues at Noon!  Bring your homemade goodies to the special tables for 11.45 am - and find out if your sponge has the S-Factor -  seriously good,soggy or sensational!  You've the Bank Holiday to hone your skills and try out your goodies on family and friends.  read more

Thumbs up for our Nurse Associates training pilot and how you can become one.

The Senior Nursing Policy Manager at Health Education England,  Sam Donohue, visited HRI to meet some of our pilot trainee Nursing Associates (TNAs) along with their mentors and managers to hear how they’ve found the new TNA course.  read more

Lovin' that labrador!

Our Hudderfield Appointment centre had a visit from a furry guest to say thank you for their donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind last month.   The Appointment centre organised a £1 dress down day on the last Friday of every month, rasing £200.73 for a charity of their choice.  read more

Secondment and Jobs roundup here at CHFT

An exciting secondment opportunity has arisen within the Medical Rota coordination team based within the Flexible Workforce Department.  There are two posts available at Band 5 Agenda for change posts.  The secondments will be for an initial period of 12 months.  Ability to communicate at a high level including communicating with medical staff is essential for this post.  read more

Christmas Tree Teds needed.

Knitters are needed - which is the strangest introduction for the first Christmas story of the year!  However we can explain.....  The FAST Little Teds (and all his chums - see photo) and the Strokestones from 7BC have a new mission! They want to take part in the Halifax Minster's Christmas Tree Display to help promote the Act FAST message.  read more

Policies and work information

Bite sized learning - Patient Information Leaflets

Sharing information with patients can help them with their healthcare decisions. Colleagues may not always know the name of the leaflet, so we've sorted them into categories to make them easier to find.  And the great thing about our A4 leaflets, is they can be emailed directly to our patients, so we can cut down on the amount of paper we use too.  read more

Reminder: ESR unavailable this weekend

IBM (who maintain and manage ESR) will be shutting the system down this weekend for essential maintenance and upgrades. It will be unavailable between 6pm Friday 24th August to around 6am on Monday 27th August.  read more

CHFT Events

LGBTQ feedback and next one October 4.

Colleagues enjoyed our first forum - so much so the next is already fixed.  The next forum will be Thursday 4 October between 5-7pm in the Large Training Room at CRH.  The idea is to get-together, share experiences and discuss how we can make CHFT a better place to work for all colleagues.  read more

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