Can you help me track down the mystery ED doc?

Our  Gillian Gabanski - from the Patient Pathway Team at HRI - is appealing for help to track down a doctor who saved her cousin's life.

Gordon Brown suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing outside the Junction Inn at Denshaw, near Saddleworth, on Tuesday, August 14, during a cycle ride.

This week,  Gordon, 59, underwent a triple heart bypass operation at Wythenshawe Hospital and wants to meet the doctor - believed to be an A&E doctor - who stopped her car and helped with chest compression to bring him back to life. 

Gillian, says: "Gordon would really love to meet her. He doesn’t remember much about what happened. He was out of it completely but without a doubt he wouldn't be here now if it wasn’t for the actions of the doctors at the scene. So far no-one knows who this doctor was."

She added: " We were all very shocked at Gordon's heart attack as he is fit - thinks nothing of cycling 100 miles, hasn't had alcohol for 20 years and eats a healthy diet.  The reason for his heart attack is a hereditary condition. With his Mum dying aged 56 of a heart attack and his father aged 67.".

The doctor drove a white BMW hatchback and placed her car across the road to block the traffic. She then helped with chest compressions until paramedics arrived.

If you are the doctor - or know who it is, please contact Communications on x5252 x5253 x5256.

The family is aware the doctor may wish to remain anonymous, but Gordon would love the meet her following his recovery and thank her in private if that is her preference. Comms will happily pass on details in confidence.

Gillian added: "As it happened just over the border I thought someone here might know or have heard something."