Reminder: ESR unavailable this weekend

IBM (who maintain and manage ESR) will be shutting the system down this weekend for essential maintenance and upgrades. It will be unavailable between 6pm Friday 24th August to around 6am on Monday 27th August. 

  • No e-learning can be carried out during the shut-down period. 
  • We’re sorry but payslips can’t be accessed either – so please take a look before then at your payslip or after the system is back up and running
  • Colleagues and managers will not be able to book annual leave or record sickness on ESR during this time.  Sickness absence which occurs during the shut-down period must be recorded in chronological order after Sunday.   Annual leave can be recorded once the access to the system is restored.

Why is ESR always closed down at weekends?

As the NHS works 24/7, IBM take into account the numbers of people using it during the day, evening and weekends, and they look for the best time for the majority to complete these works.

Colleagues can access ESR (when it’s not being upgraded) from home. If you’d like to do this to complete your training please talk to your manager as they can authorise you to do it at home and claim the time back. You can also log on to any Trust PC, and there are open learning sessions in the CRH learning centre each Tuesday. 

Please feel free to talk to workforce business intelligence to discuss any of the above - they’ll be pleased to help you. Email or call HRI 34 3462

Our intranet page also has ESR information for colleagues.