LGBTQ feedback and next one October 4.

Colleagues enjoyed our first forum - so much so the next is already fixed.

The next forum will be Thursday 4 October between 5-7pm in the Large Training Room at CRH.

The idea is to get-together, share experiences and discuss how we can make CHFT a better place to work for all colleagues.

Director of Workforce, Suzanne Dunkley and associate medical director, Sal Uka, hosted it.

Sal said: "I am genuinely pleased with how our first LGBTQ Forum went last week. More than 20 CHFT colleagues enjoyed an open and informative discussion about themselves, their experiences (both good and bad), why we need a LGBTQ forum and their commitment to ensuring that it is a success. At the moment we aren't working to a fixed agenda and it was useful to hear views on how the forum will develop.  

"I can imagine that some people might feel uncomfortable about disclosing their sexual orientation at work but this is a forum for anyone who believes in equality, friendship and support.The LGBTQ forum is a safe space where we want to continue the conversation by sharing and listening to each other's stories."