From tea and toast to just being there. Theatres' pledge trees have the awww factor

L-r: Kathy Hutton, Leah Fisher, Lynn Penson and Zoe Matthewman

Our theatres teams have installed their own "Pledge Trees" promising to deliver only the very best care by them all.

The stick-on trees dominate the reception areas and are proving a real source of reassurance and a distraction to our patients who are on their way for surgery.

HRI's domestic Mary (mop) Phillips pledged tea and toast when they come round. A few more of the touching pledges placed on the trees are attached below.

The idea took root after Lynn Penson attended a Band 6 development day and the success of similar pledge trees on our wards with patients with dementia were high-lighted. And rightly, Lynn thought they could transfer to theatres.

Her pledge says: "I pledge to be empathetic and spend time listening without judgement."