NHS70 - Ashwin and Donna celebrate our momentous year

Here's our first NHS70 double act featuring two colleagues who embraced the selfie-style celebrations back on July 5. What a joyous day it was - so big welcome to Ashwin Verma and Donna Cole who share their thoughts as part of this momentous year.

How long have you worked in the NHS and why did you want to?

Ashwin: “I’ve worked for the NHS since I qualified in 1989! I believe passionately in the ethos of the NHS with care for all and free at the point of delivery.”

Donna: “ I have worked for the NHS for 34 and from a very early age have wanted to be a  nurse.”


 What makes the NHS special to you?

A - Treating everyone without prejudice.

D - The NHS is a wonderful service that has made a difference to many lives. 


What present would you give it for its 70th?

A - A clear vision and funding to allow changes to bed in without political interference, dogma and expediency.

D - An open budget to buy any outstanding equipment and significantly increase salaries to entice and keep staff in service