Christmas Tree Teds needed.

Knitters are needed - which is the strangest introduction for the first Christmas story of the year!

However we can explain.....

The FAST Little Teds (and all his chums - see photo) and the Strokestones from 7BC have a new mission! They want to take part in the Halifax Minster's Christmas Tree Display to help promote the Act FAST message.

The Trust has a 6ft tree to decorate and we're going to be taking photos of the strokes stones we've painted for baubles. But, they also want a few more Little Teds for baubles too!

There's a special knitting pattern so if anyone would like to help us knit more we can give them a pattern. We will sell them after the event to raise funds for the Stroke Unit.

If you are unaware, the stroke ward's Little Teds were an amazing awareness campaign for FAST back in 2015.

They're hand knitted by ward staff and carry the ACT FAST information, how to spot signs of stroke) They have been taken around the world by staff and friends, travelling nearly 200,000 miles, they have their photos on facebook & instagram. They've also had their photos taken with celebrities!

We started painting pebbles this year which also have the Act FAST message and hide them for people to find. They feature on the fb pages; :"Calderdale Rocks" and "Little Teds & the Strokestones" 

Instagram: Little_Teds_and_stroke_stones