Ward 10 and all at HRI - you're ace! Fab feedback received this week

"An elderly friend of ours has spent the past 2 and a half weeks in your hospital and we have visited regularly.

"We are absolutely delighted with the kindness and personal care she received, along with the obvious skilled investigation and treatment.

"We, in turn, met smiles along the corridors and stairs and, at no time, even when we phoned, have we felt the tiniest bit unwelcome or that we were nuisances. It has been so refreshing to feel recognised as people!

"This is what we have always experienced from the Audiology team too, on various visits to that department but, having visited our friend several times in other hospital settings over the past two years, we didn’t expect the absolutely brilliant attitude we found on your wards.

"The whole tone of HRI is that of caring, friendly professionalism and we are happy to compliment everybody who works there"We haven’t included our friend’s details as she is a private sort of person.

Let everyone know their friendly professionalism is appreciated and for them to be enabled to continue being brilliant"