NHS70 - featuring Caterer Josh Denton

Here's Josh Denton from ISS sending his NHS70 Birthday wishes.

Why did you want to work in the NHS and how long have you worked here?

"I have worked for ISS for 2 and half years and saw it as an opportunity to progress in my career!

Why is the NHS Special to you?

The NHS is special to me because it cares for the patients and fulfills their needs.

What present would you give the NHS for it's 70th birthday? 

Additional money to make the patient's experience more pleasant. 

Every week of this year - and there have been 32 weeks so far - we have featured a different colleague in a different role to showcase all colleagues who contribute to providing compassionate care for our patients and their families here at CHFT.

Josh answered our three questions and Comms do the rest.  We are trying to get as many colleagues in there and we may know many qould like to appear and pay tribute to the wonderful NHS - but might be shy.

Don't be. Answer the questions and send them back to chft@cht.nhs.uk.

We're looking  especially for  younger contributors - nurses and therapists in particular -  so give your colleague a nudge..... and let the screensavers  shine!!.